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Congrats To The Whales On The Sex. Two New Baby Beluga Whales Born At Chicago's Shedd Aquarium Last Week

Block Club -  A whale and dolphin gave birth within hours of each other this weekend at the Shedd Aquarium.

Naya, a 31-year-old beluga whale, gave birth Sunday night. Naya had twins, which is incredibly rare among the species: There has never been a documented case of twins in the wild, according to a Shedd Aquarium press release.

One of the calves was stillborn, and the other is a tiny 66 pounds. The surviving calf is considered premature, a result of being born a twin, according to the Shedd. That calf will face a “unique set of development hurdles,” according to Shedd, but for now the baby is swimming with Naya and experts hope to see the two nurse and bond.

Notably, the births come just days after another beluga was born at the aquarium.

The babies are behind the scenes for now.

If you don't think that picture of the baby beluga whale is off the charts adorable than you have a giant dump in your pants.

The little guy is only 66 pounds!

And his birth comes on the heels of another calf birth last week -

A 139-pound bouncing baby boy has come to the Shedd Aquarium.

The aquarium’s 14-year-old beluga whale, Bella, gave birth to her first calf Friday night, according to a Shedd news release. The calf hasn’t been named yet, but he weighed in at 139 pounds and is 5-foot-3.

First-time beluga moms like Bella often experience a higher calf mortality rate, but the Shedd’s animal care team is “cautiously optimistic” and is providing Bella and her baby with around-the-clock monitoring, according to the aquarium.

It appears humans haven't been the only species doing a lot of the naughty tango during covid lockdowns. 

The whale tanks at the Shedd Aquarium have apparently been fuck fest central. But I'm not player hating. Respect to Naya, and Bella. If 2020, and Cardi B, have taught us anything, it's that females can be man-whores too. So get your's ladies. It's a new day.

Not sure if all whales like to fuck but these Shedd ones definitely like to fuck. Especially when they're not surrounded by mouth-breathers from Iowa pounding on the glass yelling at them all day. No offense. 

The females are fertile as the banks of the Nile. And the males have sperm that could outswim Michael Phelps.

Let's not pull a Lincoln Park Zoo and kill these little guys off so we can vote on their names in a few months. 

Here's video of the birth-

As always. Nature is fuckin awesome.

p.s. - if you accused me of blogging this so that I could include the video I shot of Big Cat visiting the Shedd back in the day I wouldn't deny it. Nothing like a trip down memory lane to that eventful day. Being questioned by security on multiple occasions of why two middle-aged men (one with a noticeable mustache) were walking around the aquarium together video taping. Totally normal. We deserved an Emmy for this masterpiece -