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Clown Show: MLB Suspends Aroldis Chapman Three Games For Throwing "Intentionally" At The Rays Last Night - Kevin Cash and Aaron Boone Each Get a Game

A day removed from the fireworks in The Bronx, Major League Baseball has determined the punishments for the Yankees and Rays: 3 games for Aroldis Chapman and 1 game a piece for Boone and Cash. Utterly ridiculous in my mind. I know I have a bias here, but looking at this from a rational standpoint this is still nonsense. 

First of all, how can you justify suspending Boone and Cash for the same amount of games? Boone literally said nothing in the post game press conference or on the field. You think he ordered Chapman to put the tying run at the plate? Gimme a break. Meanwhile Cash went out of his way to cry and then blatantly threaten the Yankees like a baby back bitch. Same amount of games? What are you suspending Boone for exactly? He's not fighting it and is just getting it over with, but he made clear he disagreed with all of the punishments. Both him and Cash will sit tonight, but this dig at the Rays manager was fantastic. 


And then there's Chapman with the three games. There is nothing you can say to convince me that he threw that pitch intentionally at Brousseau's head. Aroldis Chapman is an effectively wild pitcher. He has thrown more fastballs outside of the strike zone this year than inside. This was only his fourth game back from the injured list. He's rearing back 101 to close out a divisional game and he let one go too high. It was a two run game the Yankees needed to win to avoid sliding further in the standings. Very important to get the final out there and end it, especially how the Yanks bullpen has blown games lately. Did he mean to pitch inside? Probably, but he absolutely wasn't trying to hit him, and he definitely wasn't trying to head hunt. Chapman has already said he had no intention of hitting anyone and will appeal the suspension. 

My guess is it'll get knocked down to 2 games and he'll miss both ends of the doubleheader on Friday. Not the end of the world, but I guess every pitcher in baseball is expected to have pristine control moving forward. MLB is so soft these days, unless of course you're punishing the guys who cheated the game for years in which case they turn a blind eye.

Also while we're on the topic, why isn't this Rays pitcher facing any penalty for his actions on Monday? What can you say, Major League Baseball continues to fuck these things up. Seems like a throw directly at DJ's head I don't know! Clown show. Manfred runs a clown show. 


From the opposite perspective, because I'm fair, if you do deem Chapman to be intentionally throwing at Brousseau's head, how does he get anything less than Joe Kelly? The three games tells me they really didn't think he did anything intentional, but they're trying to prove a point to stop the animosity between the two clubs. At the end of the day, Manfred is a joke and the Rays got off with nothing here. I mean Aaron Boone got more games than any Houston Astros player did. Bananas. 

It's over, let's move. Go win tonight and gain some momentum.