Gronk's Childhood AIM Screenname Is Peak Gronk

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1.  What was your first AIM screen name?

Gronk: ChickMagnet4Lyfe. [We cannot confirm spelling.]





Well that’s as perfect as it gets. More than anything you screen name said what you’d become in life, Gladwell should actually do a study on it. Pretty sure he’s already done an examination of what your first name means for your future and I think this would be more accurate. If your screen name was something boring like your name and your favorite number, you’ll grow up to be a boring nobody (that’s what mine was). If it was something like XxSugaBabexX then you grew up to be a slut. If it was something like ChickMagnet4Lyfe then you eventually became a huge LMFAO fan who party rocks all over clubs and you hate wearing a shirt. I guess the greatest tight end in the NFL stuff was tough to predict but the rest of Gronk’s life was a foregone conclusion as soon as he chose that sn.







PS – Also loved these two answers…



3. What is your spirit animal?

Gronk: A dinosaur.


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6. What is your favorite romantic movie?

Gronk: “50 First Dates.”



“I think they kiss a few times in this movie, that counts as a romance right?”