Anybody Who Tries To Argue That Bobby Orr Is The GOAT Is A Total Dunce

Don't get me wrong. The kid is still young so he has plenty of time to build up his career and get himself into the conversation one day. But the GOAT? Already? I mean we don't even know if this kid is going to make it out of the Q yet. Sure, Halifax has had some great success with moving prospects to the NHL in recent memory. Nathan MacKinnon, Jonathan Drouin, Jake Voracek, Nico Hischier. There are two 1st overall picks in that list right there. So the sky is the limit for young Bobby Orr. But you'd have to be fucking high to already be trying to make the argument that he's the greatest of all time. 

And this bit of click bait has been brought to you by "It's Wednesday Afternoon And I'm Tired".