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If You're A Football Fan You Have To Watch This

Damn. How good was that? 

At first I was going to title this "If You're A Steelers Fan You Have To Watch This" but then I thought about how relatable this is to football fans everywhere.

There are fans like this for all 32 NFL teams. This is why football matters. Through cancer, through death, through pandemics, football and your team, whoever it may be, brings such unity and joy for so many people. 

It's hard not to watch this and get sappy about it. A fan for almost 50 years - who quite literally almost lives for those NFL Sunday's that we all enjoy so much. 

It meant that much more to have someone like Ryan Shazier and all he's been through be the one to deliver these precious seats to these diehard fans. I say it all the time, my family's church in the fall is Pittsburgh Steelers football. Just like so many other Americans who for 16 weeks in the fall, it's all about their team. That's the separator between football and every other sport in my opinion. 

They only play once a week, and you're only guaranteed 16 games every year, but those 16 games build hope and memories to get you through all the bullshit and other stuff to bring you down in your life. 

Yes, even if you're a Browns fan.