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As One Photoshop Dream Ends, A New Dream Begins: The Knicks Are Already Linked In Trade Rumors For The No. 1 Overall Pick

Clem is blogging about this but we've accepted it. The Knicks weren't going to get Donovan Mitchell. We're too invested in Giannis and Devin Booker, duh. Can't tie up that money with Mitchell when trying to get those two. Pretty simple. 

/snaps back to reality knowing damn well the Knicks are going to miss out on Fred VanVleet and picks 7 and 9 are going to be awesome this year. 

Let's fast forward to the newest rumor (via CBS)

While no suitors have yet presented themselves, there are some possible trade partners that make sense. The New York Knicks stand out due to their perceived interest in Ball. The Knicks have all of their own draft picks moving forward, plus two future first-rounders from the Dallas Mavericks and the No. 27 pick this season from the Toronto Raptors, so putting together a package seems entirely possible.

This isn't exactly a secret. But the Knicks do have some assets to trade to Minnesota to jump to the No. 1 pick, especially if the Wolves don't really love Ball or Edwards. They can take a couple other options in the middle of the lottery and the end of the first round if they want. You could still get an Obi Toppin or Tyrese Haliburton or Killian Hayes at 8 if you don't have that big of a jump from Ball/Edwards to them on your board. Then at 27 you can take someone like Desmond Bane. 

From the Knicks side, moving up is my second choice for them. I'd prefer to just take Haliburton/Toppin, whichever one falls to 8. It all depends what the trade offer is. If it's a bunch of picks? I don't love that actually because the Knicks are in full on rebuild mode, even if they take Ball or Edwards - I'd guess they'd take Ball. Yes, Ball is sort of made to play for the Knicks. He's been in the spotlight for years. He's actually good and he's a unique talent with his size, handle and passing ability. You can play him with RJ Barrett. 

So as Knicks fans - like always - one Photoshop dream ends, another begins. And just like Zion, I see no way this one fails. Plus, the Ball's in New York is a bloggers dream.