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Sad News: Chicago Car Dealership Tycoon Bob Rohrman Has Passed Away

Goddamnit, another one bites the dust.... Sorry but I'm obliged to say it: 2020 can go fuck itself. Bob Rohrman is a local legend in Chicago and there's not one single person in this city and its metro area who doesn't know who he is, but if you're not from the region and have no idea who I'm talking about? 

Well he's the guy who's been gracing our TV screens with his car dealership commercials for I don't know, what... 30 years? More? He's been around as long as I can remember, and I mean that literally. Every region in the country has their local car dealership tycoons and Chicago's car dealership tycoon was Bob Rohrman, and I don't say the word tycoon facetiously. He was Chicago's biggest name in the car dealing game. 

The guy seemed omnipresent it seemed like. EVERYONE in Chicago knows Bob Rooooooooooooohrman. Everyone. 

I mean the dude had a tribute mini-doc come out 10 years ago:

And here are some of the best of the best:



This sucks. RIP to a Chicago staple.