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Rick Astley Covers Post Malone's "Better Now" And Knocks It Out The Park

Billboard - Rick Astley has been spending quarantine uploading a variety of covers onto YouTube, but on Friday (Aug. 28), the "Never Gonna Give You Up" star took on an unlikely track for his latest at-home performance.

"There are a lot words in this song. It's not my song. I don't really know it properly, but I love it so I'm going to give it a go," Astley admitted before delving into a stripped-back rendition of Post Malone's "Better Now" on acoustic guitar.

Well wasn't this just a delight to have come across my twitter timeline. Might have to mash this up with the original Post version so we get the duet we never knew we needed.

Love me some Rick Astley. No, not the rick roll stuff that's got beaten into the ground. I'm talking his forgotten work.


And check the flow in this video. Are you kidding me with that hair? 

Glad to see Rick is well and living his best life. Looks like he hasn't aged a day somehow and still has the pipes.

He also brought the thunder on a few other covers.

Enjoy -