Phil Mickelson Just Penned A Love Letter To Tiger Woods On Twitter

Well what the the hell is that all about? No joke, I saw that tweet and I thought Tiger Woods had died. I hate to even type out that sentence but it's true. My heart sank to my balls as soon as I saw that tweet on my timeline. In my defense that's a tweet honoring a dead person so I did not appreciate it one bit. As far as I know, at the moment of writing this, Tiger Woods is alive and well. I have no way of knowing that for sure, though. Maybe Phil got some inside information about Tiger that the public doesn't know. That better not be the fucking case man. It better not be. A more plausible explanation is that Phil got into his wine, got into his feelings thinking about how great Tiger is and decided to let his followers know how he feels. Whomst among us hasn't done that? 

Not to mention everything Phil said in that tweet is true. Tiger has done more for the game of golf than any athlete has done for their respective sport in the history of the universe. Tiger turned a lame and boring sport for old retired guys into a cool sports for young athletes. He motivated an entire generation of young studs to pick up golf. And in the process of doing all that Tiger made a lot of guys A LOT of money, Phil Mickelson very much included. Aside from Tiger himself, Phil has benefitted the most from Tiger's meteoric rise in the golf world. Phil admitted as much in his sentimental tweet.

Here's what I will say about the tweet (assuming Tiger is fine): I don't think I like it. Something's afoot. Is it a touching tribute to a fellow competitor or something else? I can't really tell. I'm just weary of a person being that nice to someone who DOMINATED them for most of their career. That's all. But hey, maybe Phil was just trying to be nice.........but I've got my eyes on Lefty.

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