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Reminder That Patrick Mahomes' Life Is Better Than Yours: The Chiefs Received Their Super Bowl Rings Tonight Then Mahomes Put An Engagement Ring On His Girlfriend's Finger

Just wanted to give everyone a subtle reminder before bed that Patrick Mahomes lives a slightly better life than you and I. While we will shake our fists at the sky whenever someone mentions 2020, Mahomes can look back at it as the year he won his first Super Bowl, signed a half a billion dollar contract, became part owner of the Royals, and oh yeah gave his girlfriend an engagement ring with a stone that weighs and is worth more than me the same night he received a Super Bowl ring so her ring finger didn't get jealous of his. All at the age of 24 while being the face of the NFL, a real life Madden Create-A-Player, and pretty much universally beloved.

I could try and spinzone this by saying Mahomes is due for a MASSIVE regression year in 2021 whereas we actually have a chance to thrive once we leave the house, lose our quarantine weight, and the world stops sucking. But considering the run Mahomes is currently on, he will have the perfect wedding day (I'm talking pigs in a blanket apps AND Ben & Jerrys carts for dessert), go undefeated, somehow win the Super Bowl before the New Year, become the sole owner of TikTok thanks to his brother's clout to get a deal done, then play quarterback and save the world by winning the real life football version of Space Jam that is likely coming once aliens invade to wrap up the year. 

Congrats to the happy couple!

P.S. TodayInSports3 wins the TodayInSports Account Of The Day award for this tweet