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This Guy Is Now The Philadelphia Phillies All-Time Saves Leader

Jonathan Papelbon

Tug McGraw. Mitch Williams. Brad Lidge. Ricky Botallico. There are a lot of names that could legitimately top that list. But tonight, Johnathan Papelbon passed Jose Mesa (really?) as the Phils all-time saves leader. The man is full of douche, but you can’t say he’s not productive. Overpaid? Probably. But productive nonetheless, especially on such a shit team where he gets fewer save opportunities than other closers around the league.

Now who wants him? Anyone? Papsmear has a 1.35 ERA with a .975 WHIP and can really help out a contender but Ruben Amaro still can’t dish him off. Christ, man, at least exchange him for a couple magic beans before he gets too old (already 34) or his wing falls off (here’s looking at you Cliff Lee).

I hate this team.