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Here's Some Guy Named Bundy Losing His Mind And Angrily Snapping Every Golf Club In His Bag


I have no context for this video except that the guy’s name is Bundy and he’s angry.  Somebody sent me the Golf Digest link and they don’t have any information either but I bet I can guess what happened and it’s pretty simple.  Bundy played a bad round of golf.  He played a bad round of golf but then had the balls to do what every golfer ever has wanted to do but was too chicken shit to do.  He snapped all of his clubs in half.  All of us are too afraid to do that because we want to play golf again.  Not Bundy.  He’s fucking done with golf.  He won’t be needing those clubs ever again.  I like how he snapped them individually so each inanimate object could feel the pain.  The pain they’ve put him through over the years.  Every slice and every hook.  That pitching wedge got the business.  The fucking pitching wedge!  Slam the head on the ground a few times then busted over the knee.  Bundy is a goddamn hero.


I love how all of his buddies are watching and laughing while this whole thing unfolds but nobody stops him.  You don’t stop Bundy when he’s on a roll.  Bundy stops when Bundy wants to stop.




h/t CK