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I Wish Martavis Bryant Was Still Scoring Touchdowns For The Steelers

God this guy was good. So so fucking good. The epitome of having it all and throwing it all away, although I do think it's bullshit that his off the field "issues" was him smoking weed. 

His Steelers career and tandem with Ben Roethlisberger was ruined because he liked to smoke weed yet Kareem Hunt has a home in Cleveland. 


Martavis was just a touchdown maker. Literally. First career NFL catch was a bomb from Big Ben on Monday Night Football when the Steelers desperately needed it down 13-3 before half. 

He was one of those classic "all the talent in the world" draft picks that teams get in the 4th round. It's either sink or swim with those, and when Martavis was on the field, he was winning the damn Olympic relays. 

Such pure gifts. 6'4. Rangy. Long. Athletic as hell and the fastest player on the field when he got open field. Yeah I'll say it - the closest thing PHYSICALLY we've seen to Randy Moss. Calvin Johnson was in his own category. But when 10 got in the open field, he was LEAVING DBs just like Randy did back in the day. They called him "Alien" for a reason. 

I had a live endzone view of the prime example:

Steelers up 18-13 over the NFC west leading Cardinals despite playing the second half with Landry Jones. 2nd & 8 from their own 12 yard line. Jones drops back, fires a slant to Martavis, and Martavis promptly stiff-arms Tyrann Mathieu, reverses field, and outruns Pat Peterson and Honey Badger again to take it 88 yards to the house to ice the game. 


Just a shame we won't ever get to see it again because this dude straight up took over games. But he is trying to get reinstated by the League...