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Holy Shit, The Saints Are Reportedly Open To Trading Alvin Kamara

Shhhhhhhhh, do you hear that? That's the sound of millions of Saints fans and fantasy football managers trying to figure out what the FUCK to do or think right now. This could be tough negotiating bullshit or the beginning of the end of Alvin Kamara's time in Nawlins. We all remember how Alvin Kamara reacted when Christian McCaffrey getting PAID a few months ago.

Everyone, including I'm guessing Kamara, thought it would lead to the Saints wheeling out a few giant bags of cash with dollar signs on the front to the 50 yard line of the Superdome. However, Kamara was also everyone's Exhibit A for the last few years for why it's okay to not invest big bucks in running backs considering he was a third round pick that will have made roughly $5 million over his 4 year career.

Kamara wasn't at camp the last few days, leading to this report:

The new CBA makes holdouts basically impossible since holding out means you lose the ability to pull a Lev Bell and accrue that necessary year to get to free agency. However, where there's a will, there's a way to avoid playing a super violent contact sport without getting some of that extremely rare guaranteed money as your team tries to milk the last year or two out of its star QB. Especially if your QB2 just got a nice fat contract.


I don't know how diehard Saints superfan is dealing with all this. But I imagine this isn't too far from what he looks like right now.