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The Latest In Joe Judge Coaching Excellence: The Giants Did Slip & Slide Fumble Drills In The Mud With Practice Ending After Joe Judge Dove Into The Mud As Everyone Chanted "JUDGE JUDGE JUDGE!"

Well would you look at that? On the way to Coach Judge losing his entire team for making a few professional athletes run a couple of laps (with their coaches since football is a #team game), Big Blue's fearless leader was somehow able to make a teaching moment a fun moment in training camp, which is notoriously a fun sponge for all the players. Don't take my word for it. Take a veteran player's word!

Apologies to everyone who said Coach Judge is just another Belichick clone destined to fail or whatever boring ass narrative the media came up with after doing absolutely zero research on the guy while not realizing someone like Mike Vrabel was able to take what he learned from playing for BB HC of NEP and become a hell of a coach in his own right. Coach Judge FEELS like the exact Football Guy this franchise has needed after the last half decade or so of undisciplined slop.

Speaking of undisciplined slop, Coach even has Giants fans/bloggers/professional idiots buying into his program from miles away.

I will kill for Coach Judge, I will die for Coach Judge, I will run laps until I pass out for Coach Judge.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to go take a page out of Steve Smith's textbook before my blogger dad bod crumbles.