We May Be Getting A BMF Rematch Between Jorge Masvidal & Nate Diaz Before The Year Is Over

OHH SHIIIIT! This ain't news I expected to see today, but I certainly didn't hate to see it one bit! Let's just use our inside voices/whisper when we discuss this potential rematch because we don't wanna scare Nate Diaz off in negotiations - not that he'd be legitimately frightened, I think he may just decide Masvidal sucks and that he no longer wants to fight or something.

I know that Diaz kinda just got worked in the last fight between these two (and that's especially clear on the rewatch now), but I sweeaar that it looked like he was starting to build up some kinda second wind before the doctors stepped in (and stopped the bout because of that nasty cut over Diaz's eye), and is anyone really gonna object to another build-up between these guys?! I'll let myself get hype for this matchup every time! It ain't like many other fights make sense for Nate/Jorge anyway right now. Plus it's for the Baddest Motherfucker In The Game Championship, how could you not get down with that?!

Oh, and another "pro" this fight has goin for it is that it's pretty much a guaranteeably fun main event featuring Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal where you know he'll got to stand and brawl for the entirety of the bout. It's gonna wash the taste of those Kamaru Usman footstomps out of the casual fan's mouth and remind them why they fell in love with Jorge Masvidal....and Nate Diaz! 

Like I said - I'm very down. Book it and let's ride....