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Ever Wonder About NBA Players Pre-Game Shit Routine? Well Thanks To Channing Frye We Now Know How They 'Take Dinosaur Dumps'

[SI] - "If you get a warm seat, you're like 'Ew, this is nasty,'" explained Frye.

Frye was just getting warmed up.

"Dudes take 20-minute dumps. We're 7-foot. We take dinosaur dumps."

Listen, everything Channing Frye said here is correct and important. As bettors and fans we need to know whether or not a key person was able to take their pregame shit or not. You can't change rituals, especially when it comes to going to the bathroom. That starts from day 1 - I'm convinced my son is on a shit schedule. I know more about pooping than ever in my 33 years of life because of that and now Channing Frye and George Hill. 

But now I'm interested in being 7-feet tall. I know it's shocking, but I have no idea what it's like to be that tall. You hear all about showering and trying to find a bed that fits, you never think about the toilet. Asking Channing Frye to hover seems wrong. The man doesn't hover over a toilet at 7-feet tall. You just want to sit down on a cold toilet. You can't be planting your ass on a warm toilet right before you go play a game. Again, just facts here. 

But now more than ever I'm scared to go into a bathroom after I see a 7-footer emerging. Imaging Boban coming out of a stall. You gotta sprint out of that room like it's on fire. You're talking about dinosaur dumps. Those aren't normal. Thanks to Channing Frye we know this now. Pregame shits, as important as making a free throw.