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If You Aren't Already Out On Chicago, Would An Ax Wielding Clown Roaming The Streets Do It For You? Because We've Got Those Now Too.

Chicago can you not? 

We've got enough on our plate right now. 

(sidebar - our darling Mayor announced a 1.2 Billion dolla shortfall for next years budget. Pretty awesome stuff)

Can we just stick to gun violence please? You know? Our bread and butter? 

Fuck clown masks and axe violence straight to hell. 

Even in a city where we have people that will protest a protest's right to protest against a protest I don't think you'll find a single soul that would take up a picket sign, and take a personal day from their job posting memes on the facebook, to defend the rights of a lunatic who dons a clown mask and walks around the south Loop holding an ax. 

p.s. - couldn't find a pic of the guy anywhere online because Thank God. 

p.p.s. -