The Rockets And Thunder Apparently Are Nut Punching Each Other On The Court So Much, We're Getting Warnings About Fights At The Hotel

[The Athletic] - OK, but in this series where both teams are pissed over punches to the groin being exchanged, stuffing them in the same corner of the same hotel runs its risks. According to one league employee who is close enough to hear everything, during Game 5 one Rocket said to another: “I can’t wait to see him back at the hotel.” He was talking about a Thunder player.

That's the type of quote that we need to see more of coming out of the NBA. Fuck all this friendly let's hang out at the pool and have fun. Oh, no. We need the Rockets and Thunder punching each other in the nuts and headbutting each other on the court that we're getting hotel warning fights. Granted, there was a nut punch montage during yesterday's game, that's how you know we've reached this point: 

Okay, so maybe that's a bit too much punching of the nuts. But the point is we're finally getting a series with hatred and ejections. That's what we need more of - as long as the ejections are fair. None of this hold me back fighting ejections. Let it actually be for a hard foul. Let there be shit talking. Let there be things like CP3 throwing shade at Harden and Russ: 


The only thing missing from this bubble so far has been a hotel skirmish. Now we have two teams in the same hotel, away from everyone else, going into a game 7. They hate each other. There was a warning on the court - let's be honest that was 100% about either Chris Paul or Dennis Schroder. I'm leaning Paul for sure. Just give us a skirmish, not asking for a full on brawl. Just some shoving by the ice machine. Toss someone into a pool with his phone. That's all. 

PS: I'm still taking Steven Adams in any fight.