How Dissapointed Must Slam And Air Dunkley's Father Must Be That They Turn Out To Be Rowers And Not Basketball Players?

Slam Dunkley. 

One of the greatest names ever.

The funny thing is? It only gets better when you hear his brother's name.

Slam and Air's father played professional basketball...

He named both of his son's Slam and Air….guess what they turned out to be? Fucking rowers.

One of the greatest misses in sports history if you ask me. Imagine a 13-seed Saint Joesph's team going up against 4th seed West Virginia on a Friday afternoon in March. The Hawks are led by Slam and Air Dunkley. They become internet superstars for their combined 50 points to upset WVU. In the age of NIL in college sports, these two could've cashed in BIG.

Instead, they are rowers, who probably complain about the blisters on their hands like it's something people care about.