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Is Donald Trump Gonna Save The Big Ten Football Season?

When this tweet came across my timeline this morning I was confused, but intrigued. 

Very intrigued.

Was this just for Trump's campaign? Was my hope just being used for Trump to up his chances in battleground states? Or is he actually trying to save the Big Ten football season?

It turns out that we might have something here....

The fight for bringing back Big Ten football has reached the White House.

Sources with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed to Lettermen Row that government officials reached out to commissioner Kevin Warren on Monday night to set up a call designed to see if there was anything President Donald Trump could do to help the league resume the postponed fall season. The primary objective for the Tuesday conference call, according to sources, was to discuss the availability of testing, which is believed to be one of the biggest looming hurdles for the Big Ten when it comes to planning any sort of return to action.

This whole situation has been summed up perfectly by Barrett Sallee:

The Big Ten wanted to be first. That is probably thanks to the "high quality" institutions that belong to their conference. Michigan Men and Northwestern alums wanted to lead the brigade to cancel the season. They thought everyone would bow down and follow them, because they are smart. Look at their US News & World Report Rankings! 

Turns out those other conferences didn't and guess what happened? It really hurt the Big Ten's reputation as a football conference. The SEC is head and shoulders the best conference in college football, but the Big Ten was right there with them over the past few years. Their early decision may set them back in regards to finances, recruiting, etc. I think over the past couple of weeks, the Big Ten has realized they may have made a mistake and they are now trying to fix it. Lucky for them it's an election year and their conference is home to a bunch of battleground states.