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The Bill Belichick Subway Commercial is Here and It is Spectacular

As we learned from Don Draper, the Heather Locklear character on "Melrose Place" and, for you Boomers, Darren Stevens on "Bewitched," advertising is an art form all to itself. If it were easy to create an effective, engaging advertisement campaign, everyone could do it. And companies wouldn't spend so many billions on it every year. There's a reason why a caramel colored fizzy syrup water became one of the world's largest corporations and became a symbol of America's expansion from an isolationist nation to a global power in the 1940s. It was Coca Cola's ingenius marketing. 

Well here is the latest campaign that will chance the world forever. Subway, already one of the most successful restaurant chains in the world, tapping into the limitless talent that is Bill Belichick. His charm. His credibility. His deft comedic touch, whether it's delivering a line with perfect timing or doing broad physical comedy, the man just exudes likeability. 

You can't just this kind of charisma. You can't buy it. And you definitely cannot fake it. You either have that indefinable but unmistakable quality or you do not. And Bill Belichick most definitely has tons of it. Footlongs of it. It makes you want to please him by buying whatever he's selling. And invest in whatever company he's giving his endorsements to. 

Then, as if Subway hadn't already won the ad game, they run up the score with a voiceover from my newest co-worker, Deion Sanders? It's  almost unfair. By God, I practically feel sorry for all their competitors, because their market share is going to take a major hit after this. But then, they had their chance to hire the greatest pitchman since OJ Simpson Bill Cosby Bob Uecker and Rodney Dangerfield.

Super Bowls. A future Hall of Fame berth. An Emmy nomination. Now undoubtedly he'll get a Clio Award for this. There is nothing this man cannot do.