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Notre Dame Is Such a Powerful Brand That It's Playing a Home Football Game on USA Network

I doubt anyone reading this blog is old enough to remember when Notre Dame was popular because it was the only school to have a national television contract, but those days are long behind us. Every Power Five game is on national television now, so Notre Dame playing games on NBC is virtually worthless.

And apparently NBC agrees, because the Fighting Irish will be playing their home football game against South Florida on USA Network. That's right, you can now get your re-runs of Chrisley Knows Best and Notre Dame football in the same place.

It's honestly sad to see how far the mighty have fallen. Notre Dame used to be the gold standard — no pun intended — of college football and now it's playing home games on a channel usually reserved for 19 consecutive episodes of NCIS.

However, we should all take at least a moment to again thank Notre Dame for still being relevant enough in the eyes of the 65-year-old college football decision makers to potentially have willed a season into existence — and one in which it will get to play games in front of 137,000 viewers on USA.

The Golden Domers' brand has never been stronger.

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