WARNING: Do Not Click On This Blog If You Are A Milwaukee Bucks Fan

Alright so what are the chances that this front office executive works for the Miami Heat? I'm going to put it at 83%. Let's just get that out of the way first. Shit it wouldn't surprise me if this was Pat Riley himself. I'd take that quote with a gigantic grain of salt, but I have to say, where there's smoke there might be fire. I'm just here to keep everyone up to date on these type of leaks. For example, we already knew because the Heat told us that they are going to be going after Giannis and Oladipo next summer

then around two weeks ago Jimmy Butler pretty much confirmed that a star is coming to South Beach

and now this quote? Right after Giannis got a front row seat to what the Heat are building? I dunno man, isn't this how super teams are built in this league? Durant blew that 3-1 lead and went to the team that eliminated him. If the Heat pull off the upset is there a chance that the same could be true for Giannis? In today's NBA I don't think you can rule that out. Him going to MIA wouldn't be the same as Durant going to GS, Butler and Bam are all star players but they aren't already an all time great team. They have the shooting and the defensive mentality to appeal to someone like Giannis. Not to mention a great coach and great front office/ownership. 

I still think there's a slim chance Giannis turns down supermax money but the more and more you hear about the Heat I'm starting to wonder. I will say this is all a little premature considering it's only 1-0. It's not like the Heat are on the brink of eliminating the Bucks, but this is what happens when a #1 seed drops games. You welcome this type of nonsense into the world. 

Everything we've heard publicly from Giannis tells you to ignore stuff like this. The man loves the Bucks, loves the city, and comes off as a guy who would rather win where he is instead of joining forces with other players. But times are changing. If the Bucks don't reach the Finals this year, how many more MVP seasons can he stomach only to get bounced early? At some point you have to think he'll start worrying about his legacy. 

So if you are a Bucks fan and you clicked on this blog after I very clearly told you not to, you just have to hope this is a repeat of last year's second round and they turn things around quickly. Because every loss from here on out is only going to make the chatter louder. Pat Riley usually gets what he wants, and he has his eyes set on your franchise player.