We're Getting Close: CBS Announces SEC Game of the Week Schedule

When I heard the SEC on CBS theme song in that video, I felt something within me that I truly can't describe. A calm washed over me like a peaceful wave.

We are just three weeks from being fully immersed in an SEC game week and CBS released the early season schedule for its choices for the SEC Game of the Week. Just seeing "Georgia at Alabama" and "Florida vs. Georgia" has me more excited than I can possibly articulate.

This is really the first thing I've seen that made it feel real to me that we're approaching SEC football. Even watching Austin Peay-Central Arkansas on Saturday didn't really make my mind go to the SEC but there's something about seeing that CBS schedule that did it. I truly can't even imagine what it will feel like hearing that song at 3:30 ET on September 26 before kickoff between LSU and Mississippi State, but I imagine it will be magical.

We are closing in, folks. I can't wait.