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Which Three 2014 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

Click the hyperlinks to see both me and Jeff's rankings as well as locations to stream (or rent) the movies.

Column A (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Interstellar, Guardians of the Galaxy): If you know me at all, you know Guardians isn't going anywhere. That leaves the other two in a battle to the death. In my opinion, The Winter Soldier is a top 5 MCU movie and a great example of how you can weave a fantastic, grounded plot into a superhero movie. It's also simply outstanding as a standalone espionage thriller and features some incredible fight scenes (The highway and elevator fights are both incredible). I think Interstellar is a little bit overrated, but you really can't overstate how incredible the A/V experience of that movie is. Plus that Matty McC cry scene tugs the heartstrings bad. So bon voyage to Winter Soldier 

Column B (Whiplash, Gone Girl, Nightcrawler): This is incredibly hard because I truly don't want to be without any of these. Nightcrawler is my personal favorite Jake G role and it's a criminally underrated movie, Whiplash earned good friend of the pod J.K. Simmons his Oscar, and Gone Girl is one of the best Thrillers probably ever. When it comes down to it, I think I gotta go Whiplash. It's amazing and the "Not quite my tempo" scene is unreal, but the other two are just a nudge above. 

Column C (The Lego Movie, John Wick, Boyhood): Boyhood without even a second thought. I did a 2014 version of this delete graphic before because it is an outstanding year for movies, and a lot of people were pissed that the Linklater drama wasn't included. Look, I'm just not a Linklater guy. I don't love the Before Trilogy and I found Boyhood to be more gimmick than substance. Plus, John Wick was revolutionary for the action genre and The Lego Movie is an easy and very funny watch. 

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