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I've Never Felt More Confident In The Flyers Than I Am After This Pup Picked Them To Advance To The ECF

You know what? I feel like a fool right now. Just a complete and total putz. I mean here I was starting to get worried that maybe the Flyers were frauds this year. Here I was thinking that I got my hopes up for a legitimate run at the Cup only for them to get embarrassed by the New York Islanders. I would never admit that I was actually worried abut this team being an absolute disappointment, but the thought had certainly been creeping into my mind. 

And then I saw this, and all of my worries immediately went away. 

That pup took one good look at the Islanders toy and knew they weren't the team of destiny. Dogs have that special sense that allows them to pick up on shit like that. And this pup knows that the Flyers were built for this moment. Backs against the wall, it does not matter. This is a franchise that has been able to come back from being down 3-0 in a series before, so they already have a 1-game head start on that. Winning the next 3 straight games is certainly a tall order, but this dog believes the boys can get it done and so do I. 

And before you even think to yourself that this dog doesn't know what he's doing, watch them all. He nailed the Tampa pick. I know Dallas got fucking SHELLED last night but that pick is still looking pretty good. The Vegas pick is looking great at the moment, and that also adds a ton of credibility to the Flyers pick here. Because if the dog went with Vancouver in that series, then you could start the argument that maybe this dog is just left-pawed because he kept picking every team on that side. But he switched it up for the Vegas pick, demonstrating that he is making calculated decisions here. 

Down 3-1 but not out. This is the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Anything is possible. All you have to do is take it one game at a time, one period at a time, one shift at a time. Just win. If not for the city that you've been constantly disappointing since 1975, at least win for this very good boy.