We Got A Donnybrook On The Jet Way At LGA. What Should The Punishment Be For These Two Girls?

Usually in situations like this I believe in non-intervention. These two girls are related. They appear to be adults. They're having a dispute that they seemed to mutually agree could not be settled through simply talking and they needed to work it out a different way. More power to the them. That is their perogative. No weapons. Everyone walks away at the end. Whoever wins the fight wins the argument. Then they can go back to their relationship and now the bad blood should be gone for a period of time. More disagreements should be settled that way. A little frontier justice between family can be healthy sometimes. Better than stewing in something for years and years and having it come out in a drunken rage at Thanksgiving 2032.

….if you get in a fight at an airport you are a certified asshole and should be thrown on a no-fly list for like 10 years. Flying is a privilege. A privilege that most people fucking hate because it's all waiting and being uncomfortable and standing in lines and having your personal space invaded. If you are so selfish and so unstable that you feel the need to have a dust up in the airport then you can't fly. If you add one of delay to my travel by being an asshole then you need to get relegated to a greyhound bus for travel. These girls also have to realize that whatever they're angry about has just been heightened by the airport experience. Ask yourself "do I want to beat her ass or am I just annoyed from having to sit at the gate and trying to find a working outlet to charge my phone?". Step outside your own emotion and calm down because you probably just hate TSA and not your sister, Aliyah. You're so close to being able to throw your headphones in and ignore everyone in the world for a few hours. Fighting on the jet way makes you a PSYHOPATH. Psychopaths don't get to fly on planes. 

Overall fight score…6.1