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The Spotify Era Of The Joe Rogan Experience Begins Today With A 5+ Hour Podcast Full Of Controlled Substances

Good morning, friends! If you're like me, and you spend an embarrassingly large portion of every day listening to The Joe Rogan Experience - today is a very exciting day! 

It's the first day of the show under Joe's new $100mil Spotify deal.....

....and he sat down with his friend and legendary podcast guest Duncan Trussell for OVER FIVE HOURS to celebrate! 

I believe this show also marks the final show they evvvver recorded in that LA studio, which is home to oodles upon oodles of memories from the podcast's history, so it's a little sentimental for me as well! I'm a bitch like that! Joey Diaz said "Stiopic" for the first time there, y'know? Anyway, uploaded at 8pm EST last night, this pod hit 1mil views before I woke up. Bananaland numbers.

If you don't know Duncan, he's one of the most frequent return guests on Rogan - has been for years. He's a hilarious and thoughtful dude (with a VERY funny/unique show on Netflix called 'The Midnight Gospel') and his podcasts with Joe usually consist of wacky outfits and controlled substances....and we could tell from the thumbnail already that this one will be no different.

Spark one up yourself, kick back, and enjoy the first episode of the Spotify era.....