It Sounds Like Steve Cohen Is Already Making His Presence Known In The JT Realmuto Sweepstakes

Live look at the Phillies GM:

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This is it, Mets fans. This is what we've been waiting for ever since Bernie Madoff took the Wilpons to the cleaners and left us with a couple of broke bois in the owners box. I know yesterday was another typical day in Mets hell with a Jacob deGrom loss to the Marlins and the Mets being buyers at the deadline despite having the 4th worst record in the National League. 

But the Baddest Man In Baseball is coming. Not only is he coming but he's already making his presence felt before even signing on the dotted line, getting the necessary votes from the other owners, and whatever omerta baseball oaths that come with buying a baseball team. Steve Cohen is already becoming the boogeyman for every other Major League Baseball franchise with a star free agent about to hit the market and the best friend of every agent who reps those stars as he collects them like Infinity Stones. I bet Scott Boras is already creating special binders about his free agents made specifically for Steve Cohen since Boras knows there is now an owner with bigger brains, balls, and bankroll that will require an even bigger selling job for an even better pay day.

The new era of Mets baseball begins soon. Only one more month left of this bullshit.

Special Post Trade Deadline We Gotta Believe Episode For Anyone Who Missed It:


h/t Kyle