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Wake Up With The Best Of Jay Cutler Mic'd Up

It's September. That means it is football season. Hardknocks has been weird. There are no pre-season games. The entire Fall has just snuck up on us. I wanted to give you all a little football just to get you tingly and ready for the season which starts officially this month. Less that two weeks. 

I've gotten to the point with Jay Cutler(and the Bears current QB situation is also a factor in this) where I only remember the good stuff. You watch this video and it's once again impossible to hate Jay. I never did. I just can't imagine his haters watching this and being like "yeah, fuck that guy". He is just a dead pan, dry ass, funny dude. I wish things worked out differently here. A better o-line, more help at WR, maybe 4 less offensive coordinators. He's one of my favorites. 

Jay Cutler really should be working for Barstool. I would love have this guy on radio every day. Maybe I can propose Eddie and I moving down to his farm for football season. Just guys being dudes, hanging out with cows and dogs and watching football with Jay. Feels like a great time. We can be his farm intern and he can be our Barstool intern. Win-win. Jay, if you're reading this hit me up.