It Looks Like Joel Embiid Might Want To Take A Mulligan

If Elton Brand wasn't such a puppet. If Brett Brown wasn't such a puppet. If Ben Simmons could handle actually getting challenged and receiving some criticism on the court without turning into a coward. If Tobias Harris and Al Horford simply didn't exist. I think those are just a few of the questions that were probably running through Joel's head last night while he watched his former teammate light up the Bucks for 40 points and lead his team to victory. Something that I'm sure Joel would really appreciate having here in Philly but because of all the previously stated factors beyond his control, Jimmy Butler is still in the playoffs with Miami and Joel Embiid is currently stuck at home trying to figure out what direction this franchise is going to be taking. 

Embiid just wants to win. Jimmy just wants to win. It was all right there for the Sixers and those idiots decided to break it up so they could stick with the bum ass coach who just wanted to be everybody's best friend instead. I know Jimmy Butler can be a pain in the ass sometimes but you're out of your mind if you still think you wouldn't take some of those antics over having to watch Tobias Harris and Al Horford steal $289 million from this team. Goddammit. 

Trust The Process?