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Get Your Day Started With All Of The Rocky Training Montages

People forget that Rocky lost to Apollo Creed in Rocky I only to come back and beat him in Rocky II. People forget that Rocky had to get his ass kicked by Clubber Lang to start Rocky III in order to get him to find his ways again in order to win the rematch at the end of the movie. People forget that it took Ivan Drago killing his best friend in the ring in order to give Rocky the motivation it took to train his nuts off to change the world as he knocked Drago out on Christmas Day in Soviet Russia. 

All of this is to say that when everybody thought Rocky was down and out, that's when he came through the most. And that's exactly what the Philadelphia Flyers have on their hands tonight. 

Down 3-1 in the series. They can't afford to lose another game. Sure, they looked like absolute killers during the round robin stage. They took care of the Caps, Bruins and Lightning with ease. They got that #1 seed in the East but then it looked like they just haven't been as hungry anymore. It looks like they got comfortable. They were looking like Rocky at the beginning of Rocky III. But now they've been knocked down. Not out, but down. 

So there's really only one thing left for them to do. Because it's the only thing they can. 

It's time to go Rocky II, Rocky III and Rocky IV all over their asses from here on out.