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Polish Team MMA Fighting Looks Just A Tad Intense

(Action starts at 3:55. Watch the entire thing if you want to see a couple dancing biddys and hear Polock EDM for the first time)

Annndddd there’s no shot this gets regulated in the States. This Royal Rumble of brutality is the closest thing to a legalized street fight for sport as you’re going to get. I guess it’s all about getting the first knockout. After that you can gang up and deliver an assault not seen since the latest World Star video. Sure, the weight classes are a bit disproportionate, too. If you get 5 Zangiefs lined up across from anyone not named Ryu, Ken or Blanka and it’s gonna be a bloodbath. It may be barbaric, but it’s damn fine TV. And if this savagery gets us a step closer to some real life Running Man/Hunger Games action then consider it worthwhile.