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Zdeno Chara Says He Hasn't Made Any Decisions Yet On Next Year.. But If This Is It, It Was One Hell Of A Career

Lots of speculation obviously about the future of Zdeno Chara. Z said after the game that he hasn't made a decision yet, but he's going to be open minded. This is the first time he's went into an elimination game (in BOS) without a contract. NBC brought his situation up every 10 seconds it felt like at times.  I have no inside information, but I think it's either Bruins or bust for Z. Maybe a cheap one year deal. Doesn't feel like he's done (to me) at all, but hearing everyone speak on it makes me nervous. Obviously we're living in a different time and the cap is staying flat, but I think he's got one more year in him, personally. 

But if this was it, it was one hell of a career. I was 12 when Chara joined the B's. He's nearly all I've known as a Bruins fan. Stanley Cup Champion. He helped shaped the Bruins to what they are today. His leadership, his game, just everything he embodied. The best free agent signing in the history of the team. Truly a special player. The ovation he got in Game 5 of the SCF last year... chills. No one is more respected in that locker room than him. On and off the ice. Just an absolute legend in every sense of the word. 

Marchand had high praise for the big man as well tonight.

The postgame quotes have been killing me. Truly depressing seeing this window for this core start to close up. 

If this was it, it's been an honor, Zdeno.