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Ya'll Wanna See A Dead Baseball?

In today's issue of, "Y'all Wann See A Dead Baseball?" we have our newest installment of Luis Robert murderinig a baseball in cold blood. Here are the measurable for this fucking DISMANTLING of a baseball: 

I know there have been harder exit velos before, but this is about as hard as you can possibly square a baseball up. It went 450 feet but only because it couldn't possibly bust through that wall, even though I'm sure it almost did. Just fucking crushed, and there are at LEAST 7 more years of this. 

Long way to go tonight. People need to stop freaking out over a bad inning or two here and there, they happen to everyone. Even the immortal Gerrit Cole stunk it up tonight. But as for Lu Bob… holy fuck does he radiate talent. This ball might have been gone at the Polo Grounds (only kinda kidding)