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Watch This When You're High - In Honor Of Tesla Having A DAY, A Special (Nikola) Tesla Edition

As we all know, and as the nose predicted, Tesla had a fuckin day today. 

It's pretty crazy how many people don't know the backstory to why Elon Musk named his company after the genius inventor Nikola Tesla. There are people out there that have never heard the name Nikola Tesla before. But that's by design and if you're one of them, fear not.

Some during his day claimed Tesla was a time traveler from the future. Others, a demon not of our world. 

What was inarguable though was how brilliant he was. 

And how taken advantage of he was. He dreamt of, and could have, provided free energy to the entire world. But that plan was of course cut short and there's a lot of shady speculation surrounding it. 

These are some awesome videos on his life story, as well as some theories on his demise, lost inventions, and more.