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Jimmy Butler Refusing To Invite His Family To The Bubble Because It's 'A Business Trip' Is PEAK Jimmy Butler

I fucking love it. This is it, this is the most Jimmy Butler quote we'll ever see. This is the most Jimmy Butler story. This tops him getting the noise complaint for dribbling in his room too late, which was 100% called by him. This is more than him doing the 4am workouts. Jimmy Butler is lowkey a content machine. The quotes are always there. The stories are always there. He blurs the line of trying too hard and being hilarious. To me he's hilarious. Especially this story and ESPECIALLY with it dropping as they show Giannis' kid sitting there. 

Jimmy doesn't want to be around family or anyone. The guy just wants to play and try and beat the Bucks. I respect that. Basketball guy to a T here. The guy loves fucking around with his teammates and refusing to be distracted with silly things like family when in a bubble. He may just stay in the bubble when this is all done with anyways. And sure he says he respects his teammate's decision, but you know he secretly hates seeing any family member there with the Heat. 

Just Jimmy Butler being Jimmy Butler man.