Two Shooters In Custody While Innocent Bystander Lacks A Belly-Full of Baja Blast And Bell Grande (Nacho)

The shooting notwithstanding, there is nothing worse than a Taco Bell craving. Wanna know why? The only way to satiate that craving is by bellying up to the Bell’s drive-through window and barking a billow blast into their microphone and saying, “two cheesy Gordita crunches, 3 soft taco supremes, one crunch wrap and a double decker.”

Without fail, the muffled voice of a pubescent fella will remind you that the double decker (DD) disappear off the menu 2 years ago. Destroyed, you say, “ok 3 cheesy Gordita crunches.”

“Any sauces? Fire or mild?”

“I’ll take 10 packets of ketchup and two mustards.”

this is when we need you, Lord. We cannot abide ketchup at Taco Bell. 

Or can we?