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The NFL Is Taking Over The Investigation Into Dan Snyder's Toxic, Misogynistic Front Office



When the first Washington Post article came out in July, Dan Snyder took the steps he needed to do in order to save face. A bunch of people were fired/quit, the front office restructured, Jason Wright hired, Julie Donaldson hired, the name changed, etc. But that was a band aid on an apparent bullet hole. Because then the next article came out. More allegations. More directly tied to Snyder. And then he released a very stupid statement, rejecting responsibility. 

And all the while, the NFL was not investigating. They were allowing Dan Snyder to investigate his own missteps. It'd be like the Sean Payton investigating bounty-gate. Which by the way, holy shit, that costed Payton an entire year. But yet the NFL wasn't going to investigate dozens and dozens of alleged sexual harassment violations in the WFT's front office? Weird, to say the least. 

But good news...I think:


I am pretty sure that's good news. While I don't trust the NFL or Goodell to get anything right, at least they are doing the investigation instead of allowing Snyder to investigate himself. An outside investigation will always be better, obviously. 

Could this be what forces Lil Dan Dan to sell? Maybe. I'm not going to say no. I could see enough coming back that Goodell allows Snyder a deal that "allows him to sell" or something. I could also see Goodell being a rat snake fuck and this investigation miraculously turning up nothing. But I like the former way more than the latter. I mean, we KNOW all these high ranking execs were filming cheerleaders and watching the DVDs in special meetings. We know these were Snyder's guys. 

I think the issue that keeps Goodell up at night is once they return their findings from Washington, it opens up the floodgates to a ton of other toxic front offices. This could be a massive scandal if it's league-wide. Which, if you had to guess, it probably is? The NFL is as "old boys club" as it gets. Goodell's nightmare is his legacy is rampant sexual harassment and assault in NFL front offices on his watch. Obviously I'm speculating, but it's plausible. 

So we will see how this plays out. I just hope justice is served. And Snyder is made a scape goat and forced to sell. My goodness, what a day that'd be for us all.