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The Mets Lose Their 4th Game In A Row Then Trade For Todd Frazier, Robinson Chirinos, And Miguel Castro For Some Reason

You know what? I have no choice but to tip my cap to Jeff Wilpon and his lackey Brody Brodie for this one. Both of those dickheads knew their time in their roles with the Mets was almost up and gave us one last memorable trade deadline for the road that checks all the boxes of both of their time here.

Acquire An Aging Veteran That Is Also Ex-Met? CHECK!

Trade Away A Pitching Prospect For A Bullpen Arm That Will Not Fix Anything? CHECK!

Pick Up Some Cash In The Deals For The Wilpons' Labor Day Bash?


The Mets had a fair amount of problems when they woke up this morning due to injuries, opt outs, and flat out poor roster management (not to mention three straight crushing losses to the Yankees). These deals did basically nothing to address those problems while also trading away a future asset for a whooooole bunch of meh directly after their ace lost to the Marlins.

Not factored into WAR: Todd Frazier is a Little League World Series hero from Tom's River, NJ!

Part of me was hoping Jacob deGrom's rough start was him trying to wave the white flag his team refuses to wave during this fraudulent season. Except the Mets are somehow in a playoff race despite also owning the 4th worst record in the NL during this fake ass season, so they made the moves anyway. 

At least Jacob seems stoked the Toddfather is coming back to Flushing!

Same, Jacob. Same. Now say the creed with me as Uncle Stevie hopefully starts constructing a giant slingshot that can launch Brodie directly into the sun once he fires him.

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