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Watch Out Facebook, Stacey King Just Invented


Last week on KFC Radio we discussed the best announcers to announce your sex life, and I said Stacey King without a doubt (KFC’s full list) , and people outside of Chicago didn’t understand. They thought Stacey King was just another gimmicky announcer. Just another guy with a schtick. Wrong. Stacey King is more than just a color guy. He’s an entrepreneur, a web developer, and a guy that owns his own poster machine (whatever the fuck that means). So now ask yourself this. You’re hooking up with a chick. Things are getting hot and heavy, and all of a sudden Stacey tells you that if you’re ready to give your facial he would be happy to put it on a poster for you at his website, Doesn’t that sound like a good time?* Sure as hell does to me.

Oh and in all honesty, there’s a 50/50 chance Stacey actually thinks facebook is located at Not ruling that out at all, especially because half of what he said were just buzzwords he thinks he’s heard before, FRIEND REQUEST! POKED HIM! VIDEOS!. But who cares, that’s what Stacey is all about. He’s your half drunk hilarious uncle spitting nonsense that somehow is always hilarious. And when D-Rose comes back next month I honestly may run through a brick wall the first time Stacey drops a “Too Big, Too Strong, Too Fast, Too Good” . He’s the best and everyone in Chicago knows it.


At this point The United Center is basically And1 at Rucker Park



*Minus the large black man standing over you in your bedroom watching you have sex.