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Watch Pitt Head Coach Pat Narduzzi Trash Former OC Matt Canada at a Coaches Clinic

Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Patt Narduzzi is certainly not known throughout college as a very warm and fuzzy guy, but this video from a 2019 coaches clinic shows he might be a little less fun to work for than anyone would have imagined.

In the video, Narduzzi is discussing former offensive coordinator Matt Canada, who left Narduzzi's staff at Pitt to take a job at LSU in 2017 — a move that virtually anyone looking to further his career as a college football coach would make. Narduzzi decided to let his true feelings about Canada known, not holding much back.

"I had an offensive coordinator — I won't even mention his name — at Pitt. He spent eight months with me and left to go take one of those 'big jobs' for $1.2 million" Narduzzi said. "And I got him a lot of money. I got him a million at our place. Maybe he went for $1.5 (million), I got him a million. Which is just crazy. Like, are you shitting me?"

Narduzzi went on to mention the fact Canada was at Maryland the following season and didn't have a job in 2019 before becoming the Pittsburgh Steelers' quarterbacks coach this year.

I can understand why Narduzzi would be upset a coach in demand left his staff, but maybe a coaching clinic — that's being filmed — isn't the place to advertise the fact that you rejoice in the failures of coaches who leave your staff for better opportunities and they might not go as well as they hoped. Anyone in their right mind would leave Pitt for LSU and an extra couple thousand dollars.

Also, what the hell has Narduzzi ever done at Pitt to make that a destination for good coaches? Beat Clemson once? I can't imagine being this arrogant for going 8-5 every year.

I think it's safe to say this video won't make Narduzzi any more liked within coaching circles.