Chase Young Is Going To Kill Your Quarterback


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God do I love Chase Young. What a quote. He's good guy Chase Young 6 days a week. Hard working, humble, community man. Builds a bookshelf and finishes the deck. Volunteers at the old folks home and tips extra at the Olive Garden. But then Sunday rolls around and he is out to seek and destroy. To eat your quarterback. To cause as much mayhem on the football field as humanly possible.  And he walked onto FedEx Field as a member of the Washington Football Team for the first time today.



What's fucking nuts is the bar for him is DROY (barring injuries or what have you) and I don't think that's too crazy of a bar to set. He's just that good and that promising. That scary. 6'5, 265 and runs a 4.5 40. Can lift a truck over his head with ease. And then goes and attends the Monday morning PTA meeting and reads books to special needs children. I'm ready to put him in the HOF right now…but we'll wait til the season officially kicks off NEXT WEEK!!!! Which by the way, is crazy. The first week of the season kicks off next week. We made it. We fucking made it.