Tacko Fall Is One Step Closer To Becoming The Most Dominant Competitive Swimmer The World Has Ever Seen

A quick post Game 1 beatdown check in on our beloved Celtics and yup, they're still having the time of their lives. Between this video and the little nugget we got today that practice was only 12 minutes long

I'd say this team is feeling pretty good right now, as they should. So how do you expect them to fill in all this new found extra time? Easy. Continue to give Tacko swim lessons. Remember earlier in the season when Tacko first started taking lessons?

and it's only a matter of time before he becomes the greatest swimmer the world has ever seen. Right now that's probably Michael Phelps but his days are for sure numbered. We already know Tacko is the most dominant big man force the in the East and perhaps even the NBA, but can you imagine him as a competitive swimmer? He would never lose. The second he completes his dive he's already touching the other end of the pool. I dunno how many medals Phelps has but I feel confident in saying you could double that for Tacko.

In all seriousness, the real reason I loved this video is how much the love and team chemistry oozed out of my screen. This team couldn't be further from the disaster that we all lived through last season and it's showing up on the floor. This team roots for one another, they love hanging out with each other, and that's how it is from the top down. The best players and the kids. The stars and the guys who never play. If you don't think that matters once we get into the postseason well what the hell have you been watching? 

I'll say this though. They better come out tomorrow and continue to destroy everything in their path or I'm going to need fewer swimming lessons and more actual practice. 

Alright, you know what's coming next. Love Tacko. Need more Tacko in my life like I need air to breathe.