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Debate Time: What's The Most Universally Beloved Song Ever?

You know, this is why I love Twitter. There's no 'correct' answer per se, but people will 100% act like there is. Also the fact I can have a random gchat debate with a couple buddies and decide to put it on Twitter to see responses. Needless to say we have a ton of options here. Let's run through the favorites - at least those based on Twitter responses, which is always right. 

Earth, Wind and Fire - September

The Killers - Mr. Brightside 

Toto - Africa

Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

All are fair answers. I really do think it might be September, that's one that every demo, age, gender like. You hear that, you're instantly in a good mood. Who doesn't like that? The others are a bit torn. Mr. Brightside is everyone our generation. Africa is another song that I'd say everyone likes. 

Now here's a list of songs that I got a bunch of tweet about but refuse to acknowledge: 

Sweet Caroline

Don't Stop Believin' 

Friends in Low Places

Now you might be wondering why I refuse to acknowledge these songs? Because they suck. Sweet Caroline? The Red Sox? Fuck outta here. I don't need to hear a bunch of people from the Boston area screaming that. No thank you. Don't Stop Believin'? Just a horrendous song. Friends in Low Places? Learn a better Garth song - it's called Callin Baton Rouge. Get those answers the fuck outta my face and mentions. They all stink. 

Happy Birthday

I have to address this because it was tweeted multiple times. This is not a beloved song. It's a hate/love song. You love it when it's your birthday but you ever see the younger sibling when it's not their birthday? Mayhem. Not universally beloved at all. Refuse to believe this can be a correct answer. 

Here so Clem doesn't yell nicely at everyone

Shout - The Isley Brothers

This is by far the most universally beloved wedding song. Clem and I both talked about how we missed this at our own weddings and nearly ruined the night. You simply can't miss this at a wedding. A must-play at EVERY wedding. Everyone loves it, but think it's specific to the wedding category. Can't accept it as the every day song unfortunately. 

Stop it West Virginia

Take me Home Country Roads

Yes if you're from or go to WVU, it's required this is your favorite song. You know who hates this song? People who go to Pittsburgh. Again, this is specific to a college and a state - even if the song was written about Maryland. Not even close to the correct answer, sorry WVU. 

Again, my vote is September. But it's a debate. What's the most universally beloved song ever?