Grandma Goes Viral On Tik Tok For Showcasing A McDonald's Hamburger That She Kept Her Closet For Over Two Decades

I think everyone has been a victim of finding old food rotting away in some corner of your home. Usually, it's buried underneath a pile of random shit that hasn't been touched in roughly years. You peel everything off this pile only to discover a half-eaten bag of chips that you ate 5 years ago. It's kind of like Christmas day, except with far more ants. 

Putting it rather bluntly, no one wants to find old food lying around the place. 


A TikTok user recently shared a video showing off a McDonald's hamburger and French fries that apparently have been sitting in a box inside a closet since 1996. While the food doesn’t exactly look fresh, it also doesn’t look like it’s over 20 years old.

Giphy Images.

Not to repeat the gif or anything but what the fuck is this? Why does this elderly woman possess such a thing? This burger is quite literally older than me. Not only does she casually have a McDonald's meal from 1996 in her closet, but she has an individual box dedicated to keeping it somewhat fresh. That's some serious pre-crime shit if I've ever seen it. I don't care if this lady is a million years old, this type of reckless behavior cannot be tolerated.

Did she know this was gonna be a thing? Like when she ordered the meal did she have the intent to eat it or was the goal to just let it sit in a shoebox for two decades. It's one thing if she ordered it, brought it home, and changed her mind. I regret ordering McDonald's about two bites in so I can understand if she got home and just didn't wanna eat it. Just trying to figure out if this lady is lazy or crazy. Was this burger preservation premeditated or did it happen because she found it like two years later and decided to say "fuck it?"

The granddaughter just sat there as if this was old hat. As if everyone stores old food in their closet to examine at a later date. If my grandma pulled out this shoebox, I'd probably check her into a home that very instant. This is not normal or reasonable behavior. It did, however, get over three million views on tik tok which is beyond respectable. Maybe this woman is a psychic of sorts and knew that she would go uber viral for this stunt. Unlikely but stranger things have happened. 

She then pulls out the burger. It’s unclear which burger she originally ordered, but all that’s left in the bag is the bun and burger, neither of which appear to be rotted or decayed.

The video closes out with her saying, “24-year-old hamburger, not sure what would happen if you ate it though.”

Had this been a Big Mac - or even a cheeseburger - the situation would be vastly different. The smell of old cheese would've driven her to throw this shit out years ago. Smart move on her part, I suppose.

"24-year-old hamburger, not sure what would happen if you ate it though.” Imagine actually eating this thing? First off, only a serial killer would do such a thing. Secondly, it would be like if you sandwiched three crackers and took a bite. The thought of a twenty-four-year-old McDonald's patty crumbling in your mouth is… terrifying. 

All in all, if you are psycho enough to keep around a hamburger and fries for 24 years, then I guess you deserve to go viral.