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Congrats To Manti Te'o On His Confirmed Real Wife

Nothing like a phenomenal comeback story. From rags to riches for Manti Te'o. 

He had absolutely nothing. Just an imaginary girlfriend that the entire world found out about. Manti Te'o may be one of the most popular college football players ever just based on his catfish story. Think about it for a second. Who is more well known: Marcus Mariota or Manti? Marcus won a Heisman just a few years ago, but I bet Manti is known by the average person more than him.

He emerged from the darkness to marry not just somebody, but an IG Fitness Model, which is the dream for some (I guess?).

Anything is possible, folks. Have you not done the sex in years? It's okay. You will emerge from the darkness just like Manti Te'o. Just keep fighting.