Blake Griffin Did WHAT?! Kevin Love Fills in Pardon My Take After the Two-Time BOTY Leaves Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter Hanging

To start off another week on Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter returned with another IN-PERSON(!) interview, as NBA Champion Kevin Love made his way to the show. The trio discussed his title run with the Cavs, being teammates with LeBron, UCLA, being fat, mental health, and more. Love also dropped the fact that Blake Griffin, yes, that Blake Griffin, was at Love's house RIGHT BEFORE Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter arrived. Here is how that went down...

Mr. Commenter: Do you take a cold shower to stop sweating? Because I'll shower, and 10 minutes later I'm just drenched in sweat.

Kevin Love: Cold shower in the morning is good. It's tough out here, though. We work out outside and it's so humid all the time. I had Blake Griffin here the other day, he asked me...

Mr. Cat: Oh, thanks for letting us know that you were in town, Blake. He's very good friends of ours.


Kevin Love: He did give the, "Oh yeah, I've been on the show before," and I said, "Well, okay."

Mr. Cat: Yeah, like 100 times. What the hell?

Mr. Commenter: Now, I'm not very happy with him right now. Now you're our best friend.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, you're our best friend now. 

Mr. Commenter: You're Blake Love right now. 

Mr. Cat: Friendship with Blake = over. Friendship with Kevin = on.

Mr. Commenter: You shouldn't have said that, because now me and Big Cat are actually mad at Blake Griffin.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, I'm pissed. Just a heads up...

Kevin Love: Sorry, Blake.

Mr. Cat: Is he still out here? Motherfucker. 

Mr. Commenter: Is he here? Is he in the house right now? Is he hiding in the bedroom? 

Mr. Cat: He's definitely still out here. 

Kevin Love: He did his 30 minutes of maintenance work here earlier...

Mr. Cat: Wait, is that who you were talking about who was here earlier today?

Kevin Love: Yeah, Blake. 

Mr. Commenter: What the fuck? This interview is over!

Mr. Cat: What a jerk.


Kevin Love: Why is the interview over for me?

Mr. Cat: No, the interview is back on, best friend, we're actually gonna go for seven hours now. 

Kevin Love: Oh, you said, "Interview's over, just my thoughts."

Mr. Commenter: Just my thoughts. Me and Big Cat are side-barring right now.

Mr. Cat: I'll call him, let's see. What a jerk. What an asshole.

WOW! What an unexpected turn of events involving the reigning BOTY. In all seriousness, this interview with Kevin Love was nothing short of fantastic. Highly recommend listening to it its entirety right here: