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Oil Company Offered A Prostitute To A Man In Exchange For Letting Them Run Pipes Through His Property #LayPipeToLayPipe

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DES MOINES — A southeast Iowa landowner claims he was offered the services of a prostitute in exchange for allowing a crude oil pipeline to go through his property. Hughie Tweedy of rural Montrose told reporters Monday that a regional representative of Dakota Access LLC on three separate occasions offered “the sexual services of a woman” if Tweedy would allow the pipeline to run through his property. A Dakota Access representative said the company is looking into the allegations. Dakota Access, a subsidiary of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, wants to construct a 1,134-mile pipeline to carry crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. The $3.8 billion pipeline would span 343 miles and 18 counties in Iowa, from the state’s northwest corner to the southeast corner. Tweedy said he does not want the pipeline to run through his property, and as a self-described Libertarian, he does not think the government should force him to acquiesce via eminent domain.  Tweedy said the company’s regional representative offered “a $1,200 teenage prostitute” in exchange for his cooperation. Tweedy also claims the company representative, whom Tweedy would not name, told Tweedy an archaeological survey performed on Tweedy’s property was illegal, fake and, in Tweedy’s words, “nothing more than a hoop Dakota Access was jumping through” for the state utilities board that is considering whether to approve the pipeline project. 



I often think about how weird our dependence on oil is.  Like, I get it.  We need it for a whole bunch of shit.  It quite literally makes the world go around.  It has started wars.  It will start more wars.  It’s just funny to me that humans have created this entire civilization with laws and government and McDonalds and streaming porn and elevators but we simply can’t function without having a dependence on oil.  I mean just look at this story.  I’m sure shit like this happens ALL THE TIME but that doesn’t make it any less funny.  They need this pipeline so badly that they just started offering up sexual favors to landowners.  Offer up a prostitute so a big ass oil company can run a bunch of pipes through your property and make millions upon millions of dollars off it.  That’s actually the part the John should be most insulted about.  Not that the pipeline doesn’t match up with his political belief.  No no no.  A $1,200 hooker?  Pleeeeeeeeease.  You better send me to Vegas, put me up in a massive suite and give me all the hookers I want.  A $1,200 hooker is the biggest slap in the face you can give when talking oil.  You gotta let the man lay a lot of pipe in order for them to lay their pipe.  #LayPipeToLayPipe



PS- Full disclosure: a big reason I blogged this story was for the #LayPipeToLayPipe hash tag.